800 Fantasy Lane / Переулок Фантазий 800 (Svetlana (as Svet), Cal Vista / Wild Side) [1979 г., All Sex,Classic, DVDRip]

800 Fantasy Lane / Переулок Фантазий 800 (Svetlana (as Svet), Cal Vista / Wild Side) [1979 г., All Sex,Classic, DVDRip]

Год производства: 1979 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: All Sex,Classic
Продолжительность: 01:12:24
Язык: Английский

Режиссер: Svetlana (as Svet)
Студия: Cal Vista / Wild Side

В ролях:
Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1.Desiree Cousteau, Serena
Scene 2.Lisa De Leeuw, Jamie Gillis
Scene 3.Nancy Suiter, Aubrey Nichols, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4.Nancy Suiter, Aubrey Nichols, Bud Wise
Scene 5.Hillary Summers, Chris Anderson, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6.Chris Anderson, Alan B. Colberg
Scene 7.Hillary Summers, Nancy Suiter, Chris Anderson, Aubrey Nichols, Serena, Jamie Gillis
Scene 8.Desiree Cousteau, Bud Wise
Scene 9.Lisa De Leeuw, Aubrey Nichols, Serena, Jamie Gillis

Two lowly gas pump attendants pose as oil magnates in order to gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood Star Realty ... where the real estate agents are gorgeous, sexy starlets! Met at the airport by 4 eager agents, the counterfeit tycoons are whisked away to tour an upscale mansion hidden in the Hollywood hills at 800 Fantasy Lane. And what a tour it is! The opulent mansion is filled with a bevy of beauties who go out of their way to make the schemers receptive to their pitch. Touring the expansive house, the boys observe half naked girls lounging poolside and walking the halls, while in one room they peek in on 2 lovelies crawling all over each other. Left alone in their room, the boys are anxious to get in on the action. A buxom, freshfaced woman arrives and quickly checks out our entrepreneur s assets. Playing hardtoget clients, the boys feign boredom and request to see another property. A luxurious beach house is the setting for an incredible threesome between one woman and the enthusiastic agents. Later, the girlgirl contact with crashing waves as backdrop is stimulating beyond description! Returning to the mansion, one man hears a commotion in the basement and stumbles onto a kinky dungeon scene where the women take him beyond the limits of sensuality. Later, after a lively game of nudetennis, the provocative agents pull out all the stops in a freeforall sex rite climaxed by a fantastical ballet with an enormous erupting penis as centerpiece.


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